Important Note

Important Notice:

Please review all the details carefully on this page before making a reservation.


Life in our remote hill area offers an escape from the stresses of daily life. Embrace the unique experience of this magical place with its marvelous and picturesque view, but do expect some inconveniences.



We offer an in-house kitchen in Arum Villa and Ananda Dome Villa, where you can prepare your own meals. Additionally, our on-site restaurant serves delightful dishes made with fresh ingredients from our garden. In the evenings, we can arrange for a BBQ Grill in the restaurant area or designated space. Our cuisine specifically celebrates plant-based offerings, showcasing nature’s flavors, vibrant colors, and pure tastes. Our menu is thoughtfully designed to provide optimal plant-based nutrition and high energy, aiming to nourish the body, mind, and soul.


Weak Cell Phone Signals:

Please be advised that weak cell phone signals are common in Shanti, particularly around our property. We encourage disconnecting from external distractions during your stay. However, Viettel offers reliable network coverage in this region.


Off-The-Beaten-Track Location:

It’s important to note that our location is off the beaten track, with no ATMs, stores, or nightlife nearby. For any onsite purchases, additional services, or needs at the resort, we only accept payments via CASH or BANK TRANSFER.


Bugs, Insects, and Nature:

Due to our resort’s immersion in nature, encountering bugs, insects, and other creatures is common. Embrace the simplicity and reconnect with the natural world during your stay. While we conduct weekly pest control services to minimize their presence, please be aware that our proximity to nature means they may still be visible. Mosquito spray is provided in all rooms for your comfort.


Back to Basics:

Our resort operates with limited staff and offers basic amenities. We are not a commercial resort or hotel, but a remote location where you can enjoy the fresh air, stunning views, and the tranquility that nature provides.