Our Vision

Shanti Wellness Sanctuary is unique by its concept of services and offers.


Our mission is to be a sanctuary for all those who want to achieve a balance of body, mind, and spirit in an environmentally friendly space. Nature will be our great helper – lush greenery, water stream exuding a gentle and rustic sense of relaxation.


Our vision is to have a positive influence on our guest’s lifestyle and habits. We hope to develop an eco-friendly community that is in harmony with nature. We hope to provide all of the comforts and amenities where you would feel home away from home. Visitors will enjoy a peaceful retreat from city life, where relaxation and rejuvenation are the order of the day.


Feel the experience of Shanti philosophy. Listen to the sound of silence. Feel the tranquility of your mind. Watch the beauty of the scenery. Touch your inner balance. Uplift your spirit. Revitalize your health. Energize your body.


We believe that intimacy with nature gives a relaxing and rejuvenating sense one must take part.


We believe that our beautiful setting is an essential contributing factor to gain inner peace and self-mastery.


Experience Shanti amidst the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.


We believe that this is the true oasis where your body, mind, and spirit come in perfect harmony ONLY nature can arrange.


Be healed within Nature, by Nature, Naturally.