Da Lat countryside and waterfall tours -VIP Private Tour

Tour 4: Da Lat countryside and waterfall tours -VIP Private Tour

This is our special private tour offer. If you are looking to explore what the peaceful countryside, explore amazing waterfalls, enjoy a cup of original Vietnamese coffee,… join Da Lat Private Tours on this trip, we will bring to you the truly private time, that encompasses not only breathtaking sceneries, historical, culture and of course, delicious highland cuisine at the local family.

8:00: Pick-up at your accommodation at Shanti Wellness Sanctuary

8:30: Scenic Countryside Stop (30 minutes)  at Van Thanh flower village – Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the countryside, capturing picturesque views and embracing the peaceful ambiance.

9:30 Coffee Farm Visit (45 minutes) – Journey to a local coffee farm to discover the intricate process of coffee cultivation and production. Engage in a guided tour to learn about the art of Vietnamese coffee-making while savoring a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee amidst stunning surroundings.

10:30 Silk Factory Experience (45 minutes) – Witness the art of silk production as you explore a silk factory. Gain insight into the silkworm rearing process and observe the meticulous craftsmanship behind silk-making, a revered tradition in the region.

12:00- 13:30: Lunch break at Local Family Restaurant Lunch

13:45: Elephant Waterfall Exploration (60 minutes) – Delight in an adventure at the majestic Elephant Waterfall, where you can wander through the captivating natural landscape and feel the invigorating spray of the cascading freshwater.

15:00 Linh An Pagoda Visit (45 minutes) – Uncover the spiritual allure of the Linh An Pagoda, home to a magnificent statue of the Happy Buddha and the tallest statue of the Lady Buddha in Vietnam.

16:00 K’Ho Minority Village Exploration (45 minutes) – Take a leisurely stroll through the K’Ho minority village, where you’ll gain insights into the rich cultural heritage of the original ethnic minority in Dalat.

17:00: Back to Shanti Wellness Sanctuary around 17:30- 18:00- Conclude your unforgettable journey as we ensure your safe return to your accommodation, filled with cherished memories of a truly private and enriching experience.

Embark on this exclusive private tour with Da Lat Private Tours, where you’ll traverse the tranquil countryside, immerse yourself in cultural discoveries, and savor the captivating flavors of highland cuisine amidst the warmth of local families. Experience the essence of Da Lat with us!

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