Shanti was founded by  Dr. Maruf Hasan in the Philippines back in June 2005, which is the main branch of our Shanti Vietnam. He had a vision of creating  something amazing and peaceful full of tranquility for its guests who could come and enjoy the serene atmosphere in the lush greenery of Tagaytay next  to Taal volcano only 1.5 hours ride off Manila, Capital of the Philippines. Inspired  by his ideas, we took our journey to Vietnam. I, Salahuddin Sharif ( Shanti Vietnam) started to travel to Vietnam in 2009 and I always fell in love with the beauty of this country every time I visited here. Deep in my heart I was wondering  if we could have a place where people could come and indulge themselves and forget all the worries and stress of life and just be  peaceful with nature. After years of travelling in Vietnam I chose Da Lat for the Shanti concept. And after months of research and finding  the proper land,  finally  I found the perfect property far from the  crowd and hustle and bustle of da Lat city tucked into the mountains and flowing stream around 18km off Da Lat city. I fell in love with this land and I have built a sanctuary  for myself and everyone to  enjoy and take a break from our habitual daily  life and have a lung full of fresh air.

Come and experience truly magical haven of tranquility    – S. Sharif